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Borovets Webcams

Borovets Webcam 1

Live Video Webcam. Click here to see this Borovets Webcam full screen.

Borovets Webcam 2

Time lapse overview of village & Rila Slopes. Images are live. Click here to see this Borovets Webcam full screen.

Comments (41)
  • paul hopwood
    best web cam I've seen for borovets great stuff
  • rob
    great live webcam,great to see' live' view of slopes with snow on them !
  • rob
    Rob,Debbie,Steve,Vicki,Mark and Lisa look at this webcam daily hoping for more snow,otherwise apres-ski will turn into allday-ski !
  • Lorraine
    Webcam 3 is the same picture as last year, a little misleading <img src=ide:' title=':side:' class='postemoticon' />
    The others are live so are accurate (I presume)
  • alex vella  - Great View
    I am watching webcam no1 live, this is great feels like you are there with the skiers, hope to be there end January 2012, which area does the camera face, anybody?
  • neil  - re alex vella
    The web cam is showing the rila slope, a fantastic resort when they have lots of snow, but unfortunately the last few years the snow has been not so good and only half the slopes have been open, which leads to large que's
  • amanda  - aslater
    Its great to see the slopes live!! we are coming the end of Jan 2012, looking forward to our first time skiing!
  • Adam (Admin)  - Webcams Updated
    Thanks for letting me know about webcam #3. I've taken it offline until I can find a suitable alternative.

    Webcam's #1 & #2 are looking great at the moment you lucky people!
  • Anonymous  - Webcam 1
    Can't get this at the moment :(
  • laura & paul tallentire
    Our Third year skiing at Borovets, the snow looks fantastic, every year we have had amazing snow. Can't wait to get there now, at the end of Febuary 2012, we can already taste the brandy and hot chocolate yumm!! :woohoo:
  • Richie Rich  - Great web cam!
    [b]Been watching this daily to keep an eye on the snowfall, taking another 30 people out to Borovets again this February and it will be nice to have all the slopes open this year as last year was was very poor snow wise. Looking good so far, only 2 weeks before we go, I'll continue to watch this cam for updates.
    See you soon Borovets!!! :P
  • Simon Reed  - Return to Borovets
    been coming to Borovets on and off for around 8 years. can not fult the place! had some hit and miss with snow but have been alot later and earlyer in the season.
    resort has everything you need and more. the instructors we have had have been excelant! better than other place we have been un euro!

    slops hae somthing for every one and all types of skiiers!

    i will be retuning year after year!

    the web cams give you that little inside that make that little bit of wee come out!!! see you in 18 more sleeps borovets!!! :woohoo: :evil: :D :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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