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Borovets Weather  - Snow Forecast


Here is the most up-to-date snow forecast & weather information for Borovets.

Keep an eye on the webcams & photo gallery.

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Comments (186)
  • Ian
    Hi - Is there enough snow for beginner snowboarders to take lessons ?
  • admin
    Yes as you'll be primarily sticking to the lower slopes. Hopefully we'll get some snow soon!
  • Anonymous
    It says that there has been constant heavy drifting snow now for like a day, what is the actual snow level on the runs which are open?
  • Dean  - Snow Levels
    Check the official boro sport website it has snow readings from the weather monitor in borovets - it will show you on the homepage, but in the top right corner you need to change the language to eng.
  • family ski
    We are flying over on Sat 2nd Jan for a weeks ski trip with a 5 and 6 year old , each of whom have never skiied before!!! I am PRAYING for snow as they are both so excited.... seeing the pictures from 26/12 its really worried me that there may be no snow!!! Have conditions improved and is more snow forecast?
  • lynne haig  - jan 16th heres hoping!
    im arriving on jan 16th for what will hopefully b a very snowy snowboardin holiday! ive never been so interested in bulgarian weather! im obsessed with checkin the up=dates on here! please snow! :dry:
  • Adam - MyBorovets  - weather
    Hi guys,

    We feel exactly the same ... the MyBorovets team haven't even been up the gondola yet! It's never been open long enough!

    Best thing to do is continue to check this page & the webcams on here as they are live & guaranteed to show the correct images (lots of sites are using last years images).

    Sign up to our Borovets Snow Alarm & we'll email you as soon as the snow begins to fall!

    Of course, keep everything crossed for some snow!
  • gilbert  - snow
    im cumin ova on the 23rd of jan do u reken there will b good snow then cheers
  • Ivan  - Lifts are closed yet?
    Why only one drag lift is open (ex. rotata for children) and why chairlifts don't work? Why Sitnyakovo pistes are closed?
  • gilbert  - snow
    im cumin ova on the 23rd of jan do u reken there will b good snow then cheers
  • ?  - snow reports
    been checking your website for last couple of weeks as going to Borovets next week. i thorght that this was one of the best sites for checking details of weather etc as seemed really up to date and always seemed to tell me all the bad weather and closures. but now the weather seems to have improved the site isnt updated at all, and signing up to the snow alrm was a waste of time as its been snowing there all day today (which can be seen on webcam) and no emails or update on site. seems that happy to report when things bad but when things are good you dont care. reading about the lack of snow has really made me worry about my ski holiday. luckly i have been checking other websites which are updated and they have made me feel better as its snowing and is due to more this wek as well. if you want to keep people coming to this website update more often and do what you snow alarm says and tell people when it is actually snowing. cheers
  • jane  - previous post - snow reports??
    i agree with the last post on this site...i'm coming to Borovets on 30th Jan 2010 and was really worried about the lack of snow, after looking all over the web for updates this site appeared to be the best and most up to date, but nothing now for one whole day which is stupid when people are really anxious to know what the position is. i agree that it appears that you only update this site when there's bad news i.e. no snow which is outrageous and really unacceptable. I was really looking forward to going to Borovets and can only hope that there will be good/some snow...
  • Maurice  - any others on 23 Jan?
    Hey y'all,

    coming to Borovets on the 23rd of January and staying in Hotel Rila. Anyone interested in having fun? On and off piste, coz i'm staying there all alone :unsure:

    B.t.w. also praying for some more and new snow
    Hit me up

    Grtz, Maurice
  • gilbert  - hookin up
    im cumin out there on the 23rd aswell ,i will have sum fun wid u off the pistes .How old are
  • Adam  - We going
    Hi, me and 4 others are coming on 23rd, we are going to ski school. There is always people to hang with on the slopes and in the bars!
  • Adam - MyBorovets
    In response to the two previous posts...

    Apologise for the lack of updates, we are having some serious issues with the email systems that keep the site up to date & send out the snow alerts. We have sent them but you may not have received them.

    We're working hard to get everything back to 100% asap!

    Again, sorry & the reports will come as often as we can!
  • Anonymous
    That still doesnt answer the two previous posts regarding the snow conditions??
  • Nikki  - Team T
    Hello all!

    Team T is on it's way out hopefully on Saturday with two new bast*** members. I can't wait and think positive thoughts towards the piste will help! :lol:

    See you soon Borovets!
  • ?
    still no proper answers! noticed that you have reported that conditions are getting bad again (under the wrong date). back to repot the bad news, never here to repot good news?
  • Adam - MyBorovets
    Ok here goes a huge lie ....

    Conditions are excellent, there's loads of snow & you'll have a great time.

    Now, here's the real report.

    It snowed last night then was washed away by heavy rain this morning. It's was -6 at 2.30am last night & has been around +5 degrees today.

    The snow is melting as it is too warm.

    We cannot control the weather & will report good news when there is some. We will report bad news when there's bad news. We won't lie about it though. What would be the point??

    I honestly can't understand your issue with our honest reports?

    Why is it outrageous & unnacceptable if we post that there's no snow ... there ISN'T any!! Surely it'd be outrageous and unnacceptable if we lied and said there was snow.
  • Adam - MyBorovets
    Nikki - welcome to the site, hopefully we'll have plenty of snow by then as the weather can change drastically in a day or so, so you should be absolutely fine!
  • ?
    its fine that you report that there is no snow and conditions are bad, thats what everyone wants to know. but so far every time that there has been snow and conditions have improved you havent reported at all including the snow alarm. when you do report the are acurate, so keep it up. you just need to be a little more consistant.your post above is actually a little rude. all weve been trying to do is advise you so that you can hopefully run you updates as best as possible.

    if you are a little more consistant with the reports and get the snow alarm working 100% this would be by far the best website reporting on Borovets. the details in the reprts you do are great.

    hope you take the advise and can help everyone who is in or on there way there.
  • tom
    Hello Adam,

    Thanks for all the great reports i think that you do a great job on accurate reporting. You cant please everyone and maybe these people should stick to the other useless sites who update once a month do they expect you to sit online all day and update upon every hour!! Dont bite the hand that feeds idiots!
    I now conditions are deteriating but is there still skiing from your previous reports you said that the ski lift was open near the gondela and the rila ski lifts is this still the case. We fly out saturday and was hoping that there may be some area of the resort open!!
    Thats if the snow stops in the uk and we can fly more snow here than borovets!

    thanks tom
  • Clara
    Its obvious some people are frustrated as the snow is bad, and are just looking for some one to blame.
  • adam t  - 9 jan
    hello we like alot of people are coming on saturday the 9th this weekend not looking too good at the min but is there still some skiing avaible ?? not too bothered if all the tracks are open as long as theres a few ??? please advise
  • Nikki  - Snow Dance Party?
    Hello all,

    Thank you for the welcome Adam! I know everyone's upset about the snow-there's 8 of us in team T and we've been waiting 18months for this hol but what can you do?!

    I have a suggestion, brought to my attention by one of our team members (T-bag T), that everyone who arrives on Jan 9th should meet at Rila Hotel and perform a massive snow dance as an offering to the ski gods.

    If it doesn't work, at least we'll have tried and made lots of new friends to go drinking with next week!

    Meet you all outside the hotel at 9pm :D
  • Anonymous  - Emma
    Ill be there Nikki (O.T T)!!!!

    I'll be in my bikini and will re-enact the dance we did in Ruka, Lapland 2 years ago. It was minus 15 but it didn't stop Team T!

    Remember the sherry!

    Emma x

  • mark  - 9th Jan
    We've got 8 of us coming on sat the 9th and we're stopping in the Rila. We'll join you for that snow dance.

    Mark x
  • adamt  - snow dance
    hi Nikki we also fly in on saturday to the rila im up for the snow dance then a dam big sesh if theres no snow !! think one ov us has just commented on that above mark p.s crooky all over it mate !!!!
  • Andy  - snow dance
    We should try and get on the webcams so everyone back home can join in!!

    T-bag out
  • Ian  - snow dance for T-knee
    then Fat Knee himself can join in afterall, all the way from back home!

    Ruptured T

  • brad  - brad
    hello going on sat the 9 th the weather report for sunday looks good snow it say go on i rang up neelson and thats what they go off its r first time me and my girl and r 2 kids do u think if the snow is bad do the reps arrange for u to go to bansko will we be able to learn ski and snow board still can any one let us know but dont forget all pray for snow and we will get it thank brad :P
  • Badbaldie  - when will it snow
    might seam a mad question BUT im coming out first week in feb .... a while off i know but do you think thats long enough for the weather to change for the better .. ive been to borovets 3/4 times and always had plenty and i do mean plenty of snow.. ive never herd of it beeing this bad ..
  • Adam - MyBorovets  - Snow Dance - Sign Up!
    Hey guys,

    Great idea for the snow dance ... here's the official signup page.
  • hampton family  - the hamptons
    only a week to go before we get out there. w have had loads of snow at home and temps at -10. whats the chances of that moving over to borovetts within the week :P

    great hol last year would like another one lol
  • adam c
    Ok guys, just finished first day in borovets,I'm an experienced skier so have been on the few runs in
    Yastrebetz area, I was pleasantly surprised with the runs although some patches of ice
    Evident, the slopes not too crowed,most of my group are beginners so lower slopes are bare and icy/slush as web cam show,we have had a few flurries higher today
    And we are presently sat in bar watching the snow come down hoping it stick and stay,I will update daily
  • rich walker  - rich
    Thanks Adam for the update, look forward to reading your others over the next few days. We are coming over next week 16th for a week so hoping for some more snow also.
  • hamptons
    well there is hope lol . we will keep reading so pls keep us informed lol unless you have much better things to do <img src=hock:' title=':shock:' class='postemoticon' />

    thanks keep us posted

    great site :cheer:
  • Jon C
    I'm going 6th of Feb with my girlfriend (it's her first time skiing) and am bit worried about the snow or lack of it.

    Just lie to me and tell me it will be great conditions.

    Great site by the way - appreciate your honesty - and thanks for the regular updates.

    Hope it gets cold and snows like it has never snowed before...
  • adam c
    Finished my 2nd day, colder today and small amount of snow has made the resort a little more seasonal if nothin else
    Cannons on all day so yastrebetz improving although very cold so quite icy in parts,fairly busy higher up,came back to village for lunch big queues for
    Drag lifts,went on gondala in afternoon so that allowed a new run which was ok but few bare patches evident,clouds thickening but really not sure about
    snow as clouds don't look the right ones for snow
  • rich
    thanks adam, keep up the good work
  • adam c
    Day 3,cold,snowing lightly all day so far as I'm some of your my be aware,
    It needs to carry on and become much heavier to help out the lower slopes
    outside Rila but its nice to see snow cover now rather than mud.
    The run from top of gondola to the top of yastrebets is patchy with some
    rocks in places,it was snowing from around 10am so fingers crossed it stays and more runs open
    To ease the pressure on the already opened runs,hopoing to bring good news tomorrow
  • adam c
    Sorry about my spelling etc on above post hard work doing this on a blackberry
    with cold fingers hence my errors and missing words
  • admin
    lol no worries Adam, apprechiate the updates
  • Badbaldie  - snow cannons
    good to see your getting some snow... are the snow cannons on as well?
  • :)  - lifts
    Hi, I'm travelling to Brorovets on 16th, I've seen a lot of runs and lifts are closed, whats the forecast like, does it look like many more will be open next week?

    was really looking forward to skiing somewhere new, although now I'm rather worried about it!!!!
  • simon
    I have been in ski school before for one week ,and now want to procres to the next level .How are the ski school's in bovorets ,and will there be
    enough snow on the 16th jan

    thanks simon

    great site like the honesty
  • hamptons
    thanks for the updates adam hopefully good snow is on the way :woohoo:

    only 3 days until we arrive (no pressure) lol

  • adam c
    Day 4- still snowing at various levels from light to moderate, just done final run from top gondola lif
    t then got bus back from yastrebetz, runs were not too bad this morning
    But this afternoon became very icy with lots of people falling,local weather reports
    Suggest snow is to continue but, it still needs to become much heavier to really
    Help out the slopes and give a chance of more runs opening, cannons still on on upper slopes
    The whole area looks much better,taken lots of before and after photos which I will put onto my
    Driving school website so you can get an idea of what to expect if coming out soon as I type this snow coming down
    Quite heavy in village :)
  • Badbaldie  - snow
    hi adam c thanks for the reports... so do the bulgaarians think that the snow is finally here ? are all the snow cannons on? and can u post ur web page addy so we can see your pics please mate? ta
  • adam c
    Hi Badbaldie
    cannons have been on since early yesterday on upper slopes
    they came on lower slopes after lifts shut so prob will do same again today,
    My updates on website will have to wait till I get home I'm afraid
  • Anonymous
    Hi whats the resort exchange rate for £ to Lev? Just checking before i change it all in the UK!
  • hamptons
    well done adam

    thanks alot the wife is so so pleased with the news that snow is falling.

  • adam c
    Day 5, snowing lighly this afternoon on occasion,foggy low down cold with snow cannons on,
    Lower slopes looking healthier but again more snow still needed,upper slopes were
    Serviced last night unfortunatly the pisten bulli tore quite a few loose rocks below gondola station
    So care needed.we leave on saturday and those arriving sholud be greated by amuch
    Improved wintery scene.
  • gilbert  - reports
    cheers adam c for the reports its looking a lot better out there on the webcam .Im coming out on the 23d and havent been skiing for 8 years so im hooping there will b a nice covering when im there .Have they opened anymore runs today mate.
    keep up the good work .


  • Snowy Watford
    Hi Peeps.

    Great news about the better conditions!

    How much Lev is it for a beer? and also for dinner in the restaurants?

    Also how much is it in the mountain cafes?

    PS cheers for the updates Adam - great work
  • adam c
    Just finished my final run, no new piste open yet and rather crowded in parts today,when exiting gondola beware of lots of bare rocks/stone
    Temperatures still low and cannons on for last few days on lower slopes too,snowing at the moment has been on and off alll day and was heavy
    At mid level at 3pm.anybody coming out this weekend will find much improved conditions than we did last saturday but still major heavy snow fall
    Required. A few suggestions for eating out, we are not staying in borovets,so lunch time we have been eating
    At place outside the beginners slope out side rila,its on left handside with woode
    Tables outside and they serve grest pizza,cheapest beer we have found was 2.50 lev
    For large beer its named alpina located just up from gondola station on left.
    I will upload photos onto my website this weekend,

  • Ripper  - Borovets Weather - Snow Forecast
    Hi folks, we are four lads (2 cool skiers & 2 scraggy boarders) coming out to Borovets on 23rd and hopng for big dumps this week. First time in Bulgaria.

    Bansko is looking a bit better for snow so, can anyone advise how easy it is to get over to Bansko (or even Pamps) from Borovets, if we want to pop over for the odd day?
    It looks doable at about 50km away so assume it would only take an hour even on wintry roads.
    (& Are hire cars cheap enough ?)

    Any advice appreciated
  • Adam - MyBorovets
    Bankso is about 20km as the crow flies but takes about 2-3 hours to drive.

    Plus when the snow is bad in Borovets everyone has the same idea so Bansko becomes ridiculously busy - therefore negating any benefits of snow with huge lift queues.

    The forecast is for snow tomorrow, Tuesday & Wednesday so fingers crossed you'll be fine!
  • Ripper
    Thanks Adam, good advice!

    I was thinking it might be worth trying to get a band of like minded souls to split the hire cost of a bus but, if it takes this long its definitely a no go.

    At least we know we can forget this idea & thanks again for your advice.

  • Adam C
    Just uploaded lots of photos from my skiiing trip last week to my
    take a look

  • jemma
    hey to all going to borovets
    my friends and i have just returned yesterday. the conditions seemed to be getting better by the day.On our first day the trees were bare and on our last day they were saturated with snow. yastrabez runs were the only red runs open and they were fun in places. we did go down a closed run thinking we would get amazing fresh snow and it turned out to be rocks and ice. we ended up all needing our boards servicing.
    hope the snow falls some more for you all
  • gilbert
    hi cumin out on the 23rd its looking a lot better that last week are the Markudjik runs open and are there any green runs open
  • Badbaldie
    just read that the drag lifts at the top of the gondola arnt running... is there any snow up there at all or is it bare? ive been to borovets a few times ive never herd of it beeing this bad.....
  • Adam - MyBorovets
    Hi Badbaldie,

    The gondola is open and there is one drag (the baby drag) for the green run at the top of the gondola open.

    The snow situation is getting better every day as they continue to use the cannons so it certainly isn't as bad as a few weeks ago, but it's not normal to have this little snow.
  • Anonymous

    Group of us coming on the 30th, hoping there will be more snow by then?

    Whats the weeks forecast looking like?

    Are the conditions improving?
  • Anonymous
    hi adam. what are the ques like on the slopes that are open? is the snow getting better? i fly out a week today do you think the resort will be fully open by then?
  • simon  - great week sking
    just retured yesterday it was my first time to bovorets,great place,i was placed in the intermaedite ski school ,bottom rila slopes 1,2,3 very busy but once we got to the top of the 4 man chair out side rila the blue and red runs fantastic for intermidates like myself.went up the gonola on wednesday 1 green button run open it was busy,no green open up there,my brother class skied all week up ther on reds,blue,blacks which was closed though. snowed most of the week weather improving everyday but it wasn't dissapointed

    i will return

  • cat
    ive just got back from borovets yesterday. it was my third time there. snow was falling the whole week so conditions improved a lot whilst i was there. yastrabetz slopes are in good cond, the rila slopes were quite icy tho and cut up a lot by all the lessons packed onto the same 2 slopes. it was quite cloudy/foggy most of the week tho, visibality was poor most of the week, although that did mean the slopes were nice and empty!!

    other thing was the prices gone up a lot since last year, £3 a drink, £8-9 a pizza. not sure if this maybe a reflection of quiet resort??!

    anyway conditions improving everyday and still snowing when i left so should be fine for everyone heading out

    enjoy it!! xx
  • Concerned
    I have never been to Bulgaria skiing before. I have friends who have been and they have informed me that it has been great.
    I did France last year and the skiing was fantastic. I just hope that your reports of the lack of snow improve when I go in February.
    Has anyone been in February before and know the skiing to be poor due to the lack of snow?
  • Darren  - Snow in Febuary
    Hi, I arrived back from Borovets on the 10th January, did manage to board every day. Our instructor told us that the most snow comes in Febuary so you should be fine.
  • glynnos
    :0 :0
    Maurice wrote:
    Hey y'all,been twice before in feb,had fantastic snow! 2-3meters!!! comeing again 1st feb,hope conditions improve!!!

    coming to Borovets on the 23rd of January and staying in Hotel Rila. Anyone interested in having fun? On and off piste, coz i'm staying there all alone :unsure:

    B.t.w. also praying for some more and new snow
    Hit me up

    Grtz, Maurice
  • Anonymous
    hi hows the snow at the moment ... have the runs at the top of the gondola opened yet? im coming out on sat i need snow.!!!!!! :evil: what are the ques like??
  • Anonymous
    Hope it gets better soon
  • Anonymous
    is the snow any better yet??????? is the gondola workin? what about the runs at the top of the gondola?? very quiet on this site lately ........ are you all busy enjoying the fresh snow? or are you saving us all from the bad news of how bad borovets is this year ????
  • gilbert
    just finished last day of skiing conditions got a bit better last nite but not the much had about 3cm in the last week since weve been here.
    most runs are open but rocky in places deffanitly need more snow.The best slopes weve found are outside the rila as they have had the cannons on pretty much all week but the lift keeps on braking down i was stuck on it for about 30 mns yesterday top of the gondala there is afew runs open quite glad to b goin home though every bar has got a fu**ing pest that stands outside hustling does my head in and the tramps always asking for money. The snow looks like its coming tommorow that is wat all the locals are sayingif u wamt a proper breakfast go to bjs bar opposte the samokov hotel proper bacon and sausges
  • Anonymous
    Hi. Can someone please tell me - is there snow around the town/resort or is it just on the mountain?
  • Ricardo  - snow
    ski teacher calls today
    30 cm snow is fallen more slopes will be open then .

  • steve  - the runs.
    my last ski day was sunday 31st jan. good skiing available to high intermediates and advanced .low intermediates and beginners may struggle with the lack of good snow in places. borosport do themselves no favours by closing slopes for competitions and others because they cant be bothered to piste them. markudjik 1 had about 40 cm of soft snow in places but to use it they would have had to pay someone to man the drag lift. can i take this opportunity to apologise to the walkers i scared the s**t out of on the musala pathway and i hope the bushes werent too prickly.
  • david  - hi whats the snow forcast for 6th feb
    hi coming out next week any snow yet
  • natasha
    Im looking to come out first second wee of march, what are the chances of snow, we are beginners???
  • Mathias  - Updates?
    What about the updates ? :(
    Been 2 weeks since last update :s
  • Anonymous  - just got back
    Hey all

    just got back today, what cani say had a class week. had a good load of snow at the beggining of the week which made the sking really good. and as we were leaving today more snow!!!!!
    as for the resort first time there and would i go back YES.
    ok the touts outside the bars are a bit anoying but they are all freindly.
    not as cheap as i thought it would be but still a hell of a load cheaper than here.
    Looking to book for next year i think i will stay in the Rila next year seem to have it all.

    anyway to all that is going out have a good one .
  • Jamie  - ????
    Hi guys we go out on monday and wanted to know is there a bus that takes you to the yasterbetz & yasterbetz express chair lifts from the Rila Hotel area??? because we are staying at the Iceberg Hotel and dint know how you get to there??? and does your lift pass count on those lifts????

    Cheers :s :s
  • Anonymous
    hi just got back today from borovets. 3rd time for me and defo the last. ok the snow aint that good but you can ski. but please please dont buy anything from a ski shop oposite the samakov called BLIZARD. i bought a set of snow blades 3 hours later they snapped. i obviously took them back i asked for another pair or a refund ..... in about 2 mins i was sourrounded by a group of bulgarian heavies and told i was getting nothing.... i said surrely they are under warrenty? not in bulgaria they are not!!!!!!!!!!! my rep couldnt do anything and the police werent interested.. but beware this guy also has a small shop in the samakov .......
  • james
    hi the shop you mention in the samakov is that the one were that manc "rob the manc with the gimpy leg " works?? that knob knows nothing about ski equipment.. hes so spaced out its untrue.. im sure hes the local drug dealer.... the only thing worth buying from him is something to smoke ...... :evil:
  • jonny bag  - iglika
    word of warning people..... if your stopping in the iglika you may well find some of your stuff going missing.... and ladies ... the maids try your make up... i went in a large group a few weeks ago and between us , we had several t shirts, a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of gloves, a hat , mysteriously disapear from our rooms.. also 3 of the ladies had their make up used. . . . the food is well the word slop springs to mind.. ive been to borovets before . i wont be going back. and by the way the snow is bad i mean real bad at the moment..... i know a couple out there this week and they have txt me saying there are rocks every ware on the runs, the snow cannons arnt on and the 4 man lift keeps breaking down.. if your on your way out there do your self a favour get a sick note from your doctor so you can cancel your holiday and get your money back threw your insurance............ book some ware else.. youd have a better week in the snow dome..
  • phil
    the girls in borovets suck... and i mean good :evil: try the night club in the samakov........ theres a man with a funny limp in the ski shop he can point you in the right direction ........
  • steve  - free mini bus
    reply to jamie yes there is a free mini bus from outside the gondola to yasterbrets express. it stops by the sign which tells you which slopes are open on the main road. also just opposite, the yellow taxis will take you for 10 lev for the cab . you can also take the horse and cart if you dont mind spending the rest of the day smelling like a smelly horse ! the ski passes cover all the slopes . reply to natasha ,traditionally there is good snow in early march . reply to anonymous rila has everything except hot food.
  • Jamie
    :) Steve, thank you, you are a star!
  • Anonymous
    hi just reading about things going missing from the iglika hotel.... we had stuff mysteriously go missing from the samakov.. and my makeup was also tested... they dropped my makeup brush on the floor..... 2 ski shops in the samakov also worth mentioning... dont buy from here. the only ski shop worth buying from is across the road at the bottom a guy called ALEX do not buy skis or boots from anyone else ..
  • Stephen  - Piste Bashing
    Hi, I'm off to Borovets on 7 March and I have heard that the pistes don't get bashed very often and the snow can be a bit patchy because of this, can anyone confirm if this is true??

    I have never been to Borovets before and am a bit worried about the bad reviews I am reading, can anyone put my mind at rest, please!!!!
  • steve  - piste bashing reply
    most of the slopes get groomed once overnight,which means the most consistent conditions occur in the mornings.i know they dont mean to,but the snow boarders tend to push the snow into clumps which can make for a right bumpy ride in the afternoons ! the baraki 1/2 slope gets an extra groom about 5 pm for night skiing .the markudjik area is sometimes left out and the no.1 slope can be ideal for practicing different styles.
  • sandy  - pistes
    hi yeah the pistes get groomed every night .. ive just come back .. not a lot is open to be honest. there are rocks every ware . the only clean slopes are out side the rila hotel. the path ways across the top have massive patches of ice and hundreds of rocks. take my advice hire skis or a board dDONT USE YOUR OWN.
  • Dan
    Just arrive from 1 week in Borovets and I can tell that, all the slops are open and with full of snow.
    Go and make good time
  • Badbaldie
    slopes open... DAN ive just come back from borovets and i dont know were u have been but not all the slopes are open in borovets at all. the black run in front of the rila is closed. the path from the top down is very very icey and rocky. over on the other side .. well as you get of the gondola its rocky every ware. you can ski down just about.. but the red and black runs were you use the drag lift and 4 man chair were open for a day .. and are very very very rocky ... were you in another resort? :whistle:
  • adrian  - weather change
    the weather looks like its about to get warm over there like 10 degrees celcius warm....surely this is bad news for feb/march snowboarding?im due out on the 1st of march and i just want atleast one good day,but the slopes have (reportedly,i havent been there obviously) pretty poor this year and now this sudden weather change doesnt have me brimming with confidence. can anyone tell me,are these weather changes normal?will they affect the snow? is march just a REALLY bad idea for borovets?

    regards A.D.
  • julie
    i came back last week, one day it was minus 6 the next plus 9 degrees the clock out side the rila hotel tells you the time and temp.. the conditions awfull..... just read the top of this page " resort partial open " may i add what is open is poor very poor.. sorry to be the bringer of bad news but im sure you would rather hear the truth..
  • Stephen
    Can anyone say anything good about Borovets, i'm in major need of reassurance here!!!!
  • dan
    Dont read they write, The resort is ok, almost everything open, in the last 10 days almost every day you have there snow.
    go and make fun
  • Dangerous Dave
    borovets is ok ... not the best snow. but much cheaper than france. if your a beginner or u enjoy a good drink youll be ok. but if your any good and have been before then your gona be disapointed. most of the runs are open problem is they are of very very very pour quality. i could lie and say they are ok ... but they are not sorry stephen
  • edwin
    got to say it does worry me that Dan says almost every thing is open...... its mid february .... wish id payed a bit more and booked someware else. please pray for me everyone
  • edwin
    Stephen what hotel are you staying in. ?? you bring playing cards and ill bring top trumps.. coz it dont look like were skiing much .... :X
  • adrian  - well...
    like someone has pointed out (on the webcam posts) this is my annual holiday and this website is one of the biggest double negatives EVER! the owner/runner/locals seem to be totally in favour of borovets, then some visitors trash the place!!! i know that i booked a cheap joliday and for me cheap was the only option! i look on here almost everyday and i see webcams of people skiing and snowboarding down the runs, what the smeg is everyone moaning about? if you want france, then book france! i want borovets and i want it to be a good first time!..........rant over!
  • Lou Hill  - Borovets is amazing
    We got back from Borovets on the 5th Feb and what an amazing hol we had. Skiing was great and locals very friendly. It snowed loads on the monday so had nice fresh powder to play with.
    We are booking to go back next Feb as had such a wicked time. You will always get people moaning on these sites as you cannot please everyone. For the money we paid, I was really impressed. Best bar in town - Salt & Peppers !! big shout out to Frank and Dreigo!! :)
  • Anonymous
    i went 30 jan. its my 3rd time in borovets. the worst snow conditions ever but i like borovets thats why i go back. i agree with the coments about borovets beeing cheap coz it is. and yes its no were near as good as france or italy for the snow and the runs. But its a great place to go lots to do freindly . you get what u pay for . if you want long runs with plenty of snow nice hotels then pay that bit more and go to france, italy. but if you want to ski on a budget and you enjoy the night life as much as the day , or if its the early days of your ski carear then Borovets is good good good .
  • david crawford  - w/c 6th feb
    stayed in the flora apartments Daisy Building loads of snow all week went off piste with local bulgarian instructor very good and deep snow you pay for what you get 3rd time now same hotel learning more slopes off piste, seek and yee shall find
  • flo rider
    as the tital says at the top of the page.... resort partially open.. a very poor year for Borovets im afraid. but its a cheap skinter place to come .. you get what you pay for and you dont pay very much to come to Borovets so you dont get very much .........
  • NP  - Borovets at end of season

    We are thinking of coming to Borovets at end of March with our 2 boys (6 and 8). Wondering if snow will have all gone by then. Has anyone been over that late in the year and what are chances of snow that late in year?
  • steve  - end of season snow
    went to borovets last year 16th march and had the most snow they had all season so fingers crossed !
  • Lucas  - snow report for borovets
    Going to borovets on Saturday. whats the snow conditions like? thanks.
  • alexcol  - Mystery webcam
    I'm arriving Saturday too. I suspect very little snow. I've been following the webcam, which worked a week or 2 back but has suddenly vanished. Call me a cynic but maybe views of rock & sludge had something to do with it. Fingers crossed!
  • lucas  - ...
    What time you off there, been to bulgaria before and really enjoyed it just hoping theres going to be enough snow....
  • alex colombo
    we are off Sat aft from Gatwick. Forecast is looking MUCH better now with dropping temperatures nearer the weekend. Just gotta hope the forecast snow actually appears!
  • Lucas :)
    Just had a look myself... Looking good thats if you can beleve what the weather men say... where you staying? Foingers crossed.
  • alex
    Snow forecast is looking wicked!!
  • a.d.  - don't be put off
    right...i just came back from Borovets, I need to start by sayin that this website put me off going before i even got there. it's an absolute waste of everybody's time. the webcams were pretty good but are a poor judge of the snow conditions anyway. the camera's only point athe lower slopes near the 4 man chair lift which is pretty much always a lil slushy at this time of year! the real snow is at around 2365 metre's near to the top of the main gondala/markujik runs. they are always open but that's because they like to let the snow land heavily on it before it gets ruined. During the last week i have been on EVERY slope including the closed Masala pathways (a blue run,which is actually closer to green but VERY narrow in places) the lowere slopes WERE pisted twice a day anyway (once in the morning and once before night skiing) so if you were amongst the first to use them they were pretty good for an hour or so. I dont think Borovets is the place to go if you want learner slopes, the ...
  • dirk didler  - borovets
    hi i went 30 th jan.. and the snow was crap... lou hill u made my holiday ... well u made one night of it . wink wink... but the bulgarian lap dancer the night b4 was more experienced than u babes... and that the best thing about borovets lads. cheap beer and cehap women. defo not good skiing. and not realy for families. its just cheap cheap cheap in every way .
  • 2 ways 4 borovets  - 2 ways 4 borovets
    Hello Snow fans =)

    Just returned from Borovets, and nice snow on top!! really cool, and amasing landscape.

    For nighting, cheap in all ways... have to agree with some comments over here and there, but in a general opinion, its a nice to stay there once.

    Thnaks to site manager =)
  • Anonymous
    We are in borovets right now in the red lion , taking a day off from the pistes , they are covered in snow off piste is really good , no slush in site , better snow than the alps over the last two years , half board food is good , girls are good , gear is not frowned upon
  • Anonymous
    dirk diglar - whoever u are - are you a bit of a nob head?.. not sure what your on about with the wink wink thinkg but think u may have been dreaming? grow up
  • a.d.  - to be fair
    he has made the place out to be shit,but in all fairness when he was there, there was almost NO snow,so he was probably pretty pissed a guy said to me while we were there, when it snow everyone loves it! when there's no snow it just gives everyone something to moan about which is what people enjoy doing (aspecially us english)
  • Dirk Diggler
    hi annomous or shall we say LOU scratchy HILL.. U HAVE GIVEN ME A DOSE U DIRTY BIRD.. or was it the lap dancer the night b4 not sure .......... :confused:
  • Jeff
    Got back on Saturday 3rd April. We had a fantastic week in Borovets. We took a big risk with it being the 2nd last week of the season, but half the resort was open, and the skiing was fab (first and second time skiiers). Resort is a bit seedy in parts, but easily avoided if you're not interested. Hotel Rila was perfectly positioned and food was fine but take some earplugs, as it is quite close to disco's/bars/noisy punters.
  • Knopalovechka7  -
    ??????????? ?????? :)
  • Anna  - What else
    I am bringing my two boys (11 & 12) on the 2/1/11 for our first skiing holiday - if it doesn't snow is there anything else to do? We are staying at the Rila.

  • neil
    hi. i,ve bin rilla 2 times and if theres no snow theres only pubs and resterants. rilla has a really big swimming pool and a casino. but not much to do without the snow. i go each year end of jan and snow only just arives for then.
  • STEVE G  - wot no snow?
    ive been skiing their three times at christmas and lost one day !
  • steve g  - what else indeed
    you should have a good view out the window.if you get a room facing the car park ask nicely for one facing the slope .i did and it was no have a good choice of friendly bars.the horn at the bottom of the slope[say hello to franco and angel].the white magic down the road to your right[say hello to christo for me]get him to show you his video of him coming down the mountain top to should amuse the kids for a bit. both places are really child friendly.dont be tempted by the sleigh ride.its just a ride through the woods on a smelly horse and told the traditional family meal is good.the trip to samokov would be too depressing.the two lads might enjoy the girlie bars but i guess you wouldnt.lets just hope theirs plenty of snow.if your with borosport once kiitted out ask for danny at the bottom of the slope outside the rila where you all meet. she normally does beginners and she speaks good english [some dont]
  • ???????? ?????  -
    ???? ??? ? ?????????, ???????!
  • alex  - Worried
    We are going to Borovets on the 26th December for our first skiing trip. After Reading lots of info we are very worried that there won't be any snow as there doesn't seem to be any yet! Anyone know any different or what are our chances of skiing?
  • neil  - snow
    hi if you put into google, borovets live web cam it,ll show the weather today. it looks like theres a bit of snow and the weather is saying more to come.
  • Richard Laird  - Skiing in Bg, not
    :angry: went for a week from 26th Dec last year and was totally disappointed...NO SNOW at all. Insurance never paid out fully as several lifts remained open to take people into the mountains to go hill walking!!! Insurance cover was dependant on the lifts being closed!!! What a rip off, make sure you read the small print before buying it. On a better note, our two instructors were brilliant and made a point of finding other things to do. New Year was good too with nice fireworks and food was Ok. Unfortunately we will not be taking any chances in future and will not return to Bg again regardless of price!!!
  • Ross  - Snow news
    Hey, we're coming on the 22nd hows the reports looking for then ?
  • Martin  - snow!!
    Hi fellow skier
    I'm going on 15th Jan and starting to get a little worried. They had 10cm of the proper white stuff on 4th Jan which has helped. Some of the top runs are still closed though. Have a look at you will need to change the language in the top right hand corner of the home page. They have real time web cams snow reports etc etc enjoy your week away.


    Martin AKA Franz Clammer!!!!
  • Anonymous
    Hi I just got back from a week at Borovets last night (8th Jan) we had a few cm's of snow last Monday/Tuesday but by thurs this was mostly Ice - sorry to say, not many slopes open now - the greens near the bottom of the resort have snow making cannons, but be ready to queue for 5 mins to ski 1-2.. higher up the resort it's really only 2 reds open now. As we got on our coach to come home at midday yesterday it was 12 degree's you could see grass through the snow and it was melting fast :(
  • steve g  - STEVE G
    im out on the 16th ,so hope it snows again b4 we arrive.ill be in the white majic after 4 if anyone wants to say the way im old enough to remember franz clammer as well !
  • Paul  - Re. Snow news
    I'm arriving on the 22nd too. Pretty concerned by the above freezing temperatures I've seen forecasted for this coming week on some websites. Although other sites say it won't get above freezing at all. Don't know what to believe.
  • nick
    been keeping an eye on the bbc weather site for borovets, conditions from next week are supposed to get colder with cloud and snow mid to end of week. booked in for two weeks plan on taking advantage of off piste activites if snow not so good beginning of week, on holiday!
  • Graham Allan
    BBC weather report is rubbish - it's said the same since november, about getting colder, more snow coming, 9 out of 12 chairs open etc.. its not updated.

    Poor use of our license fee yet again.
  • Dominic Harvey  - Expect to be disappointed
    We've been here since the 8th, no snow, daytime temperatures at bottom of lifts reaching +12c. All runs at the top of the Gondola are closed except for the little Green run which is overrun with Ski Schools. All runs at base of lifts are open but very busy, 2 reds down to base of lifts are open but getting very icy now and are crowded.
  • jay  - any news
    Any updates on how its looking? Out on 22nd Jan with other beginners, and starting to wonder if there is any point...
  • Gary  - snow news in Borovets
    Hi, can anyone tell me if theres been any snow in Borovets,
    Im due to get there with 10 other guys and were all
    hoping the snow had come..?
    help please
  • Gary  - re: snow news in Borovets
    Gary wrote:
    Hi, can anyone tell me if theres been any snow in Borovets,
    Im due to get there on the 5th of feb with 10 other guys and were all
    hoping the snow had come..?
    help please
  • neil  - snow
    looking at weather shows snow coming sunday monday and tuesday, im coming out on monday 24th so hopefully should be getting better and will have some good sking,
  • mark g  - let it snow let t snow let t snow
    im coming out on 22nd and really hope they have fresh snow.
    I was there same time last year and was pretty poor although snow cannons meant you could ski the reds outside the rila so better than nothing.
    there is snow forecast for the week i arrive so im keeping my fingers crossed and it did snow same time last year too which was very much needed.
    For apres ski the tiger is a good night with karaoke and 2 for1 cocktails, its where I am most nights on the mic :-) murdering songs lol
    even if ski isnt perfect, make the most of it. youre on holiday :-)
  • neil  - bad singer mark
    mark i remember you from last year. you killed all the songs, stick to your ski lessons. ha ha
  • mark g
    rather kill the songs than myself skiing eh bro. you were bad at both lol wait till this year lol gonna be a good one eh :-)
  • neil  - im the better skier
    looking forward to it now, not long
  • mark g
    4 days and counting :)
  • Ross  - 3 days!
    Me and the guys are coming on Sat too. I've been before but my mates havent. So really need good conditions to stop me looking a knob lol.
  • Paul  - Snow is coming!
    According to most websites, including the Ski Club of Great Britain which is generally reliable, there's 10-15 cm of snow due between Friday and Sunday :) Fingers crossed guys!
  • anon  - Snow is coming!
    Paul - did you know you're such a geek!

    Love ?!?!?
  • Paul  - Anon obviously isn't working very hard
    I think anon should be spending more time working and less time on ski websites seeing as she told me how busy she was going to be today!

    And I tell you what you're lucky that Paul was actually me. You could have really upset some poor random bloke who's just excited about his skiing holiday...
  • anon
    I think you should take some of your own advice and get on with your work - that commentry wont write itself you know! :D
  • Bmuhitdinov7  -
    ? ?? ???? ??????????? ???????? =)
  • Nick  - Lots of snow
    Lots of snow Saturday night-pretty foggy on Sunday but it's all good and nice grass,no ice happy days
  • kels47
    hi, We are a party of nine coming to borovets on saturday 29th. With two very excited children!! Can anyone tell me what the weather is up to at the moment? Cheers Kelly :lol:
  • Nick  - Current Weather
    For the most up to date comprehensive cameras and weather - check out

    PS - looks amazing the now.

    I have been to bansko the last 4 years, and borovets is this Saturday 29th - cant wait!
  • Gary  - snow report
    Hello folks, can anyone tell me a uptodate snow report and conditions for boarding..? Also, is the resort fully open, coming there nexr saturday with 10 other guys
  • Paul  - Good snow last week
    Got back from Borovets on the 29th - we were very lucky with the weather and we had a great time. It snowed on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and stayed cold for most of the week... on 26th it hit -19C at the top of the gondola. And apparently February is the best month for snowfall in Borovets so if you're heading there in the next few weeks you should be fine. All except 3 or 4 of the runs are open, and even most of those that are closed can still be skied on if you're happy to risk invalidating your insurance!!! Although I should say that some of the reds get some really icy bits late in the day.
  • Paul  - Good snow last week
    Got back from Borovets on the 29th - we were very lucky with the weather and we had a great time. It snowed on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and stayed cold for most of the week... on 26th it hit -19C at the top of the gondola. And apparently February is the best month for snowfall in Borovets so if you're heading there in the next few weeks you should be fine. All except 3 or 4 of the runs are open, and even most of those that are closed can still be skied on if you're happy to risk invalidating your insurance!!! Although I should say that some of the reds get some really icy bits late in the day.
  • Paul  - Good snow last week
    Got back from Borovets on the 29th - we were very lucky with the weather and we had a great time. It snowed on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th and stayed cold for most of the week... on 26th it hit -19C at the top of the gondola. And apparently February is the best month for snowfall in Borovets so if you're heading there in the next few weeks you should be fine. All except 3 or 4 of the runs are open, and even most of those that are closed can still be skied on if you're happy to risk invalidating your insurance!!! Although I should say that some of the reds get some really icy bits late in the day.
  • tom  - Kels47
    Kelly you dirty bird xxx so glad you managed to get back to my appartment you made my holiday . you have my number looking forward to meeting up again xx
  • Tinkerbella  - Snow update!!!!
    Hi. I am coming snow boarding next weekend with friends and family and wondered what the snow conditions are like at the moment????
  • Vasilina2  -
    ? ???-???? ??? ???????? ?????
  • neil johnson  - weather
    hi i will be coming to barovets on the 29th of feb, looking at the web cam its ok
  • eleanor oliphant  - snow?!huh
    heyyy were having a girls holiday on the 19th march.
    whats the snowwww like?????
    havent been snowboarding for a while and were both avid mountainboarders and cant wait! hope theres plenty of snow and some great nightlife lined up
    cheers guys!
  • ?????????? ??????  -
    ??????? - ? ?????????
  • gail  - snow for christmas
    thinking of coming on christmas eve will there be enough snow to ski we are beginners
  • neil  - snow
    hi coming out in two weeks can anyone tell me what the snows like at moment, many thanks
  • Kelvin  - Night ski
    Looking forward to skiing in borovets on 21 of jan but can't see any web pictures of night skiing been told great here so anyone know is it going on
  • dan  - web camera
    Kelvin, you can write on your web
    in this web site you can see live web camera and see the night ski on live
    I recommend to go to Borovets, you get the max for min costs
  • neil  - night ski
    hi kelvin night ski starts at 5pm and does not get busy so very good, i have bin borovets 4 years running and i love it,
  • foobear
    Hi Everone

    Just found this wonderful sport last year.We had a great week at Borovets iat the end of Jan.Unfortuantly we cannot go this year till the end of Feb.Is there still fresh snow or is the weather turning warmer by then
  • Aleksa
    Sorry,but i can't find anywhere,so can someone tell me what is the level of snow in this moment? thank in advance :)
  • Vadim
    At the end of feb. their is enough snow at the upper slopes. Near hotel Rila temperature may be about + 16. Sun protection lotion is necessary!
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  • Carl  - Snow
    I have just booked to go to borovets in late December and was wondering what the snow would be like?and where is the best place to hire skis?any info would be helpful thanks
  • liam  - snow levels
    hi whats the snow level like late feb early march <img src=illy:' title=':silly:' class='postemoticon' /> <img src=illy:' title=':silly:' class='postemoticon' />
  • liam
    what are the prime time for snow
  • Steve C  - what's the snow like
    Going next week and can see not all lifts snd slopes open is there enough snow to have a good time boarding
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